quilters' corner

Each month a dedicated team of quilters meets to work on quilts and quilted items to give away as an outreach to community members who can use a lift, possibly due to illness or personal circumstances. Quilters' Corner is graciously hosted by Susan May in her home. So far there are about 10 members. Each of these members started out as a beginner quilter. So no experience is needed to participate. All supplies are provided, including extra sewing machines. Wonderful fellowship is shared amongst this team of quilters while they create quilts. Novice quilters can come and learn from expert quilters--it is an activity where everyone is welcome--females and males--quilting is good for the creative soul!

December's quilting activity--cozy bowl covers

Join us in December when we meet to create quilted cozy bowl covers. This is a smaller project so it is a particularly good time for new quilters to attend. We hope to see you there!

samples of our quilting projects

Everything this team quilts is a form of outreach to our community to help brighten people's lives. Here are some samples of their quilting projects. One picture shows samples of the adult bibs they made. They made and donated 20 bibs like these for folks in the nursing home. The picture with the two large quilted diamonds in the center is a sample of a wheelchair quilt, which members love to create and donate to those needing to use a wheelchair. This size of a quilt makes it manageable for someone in a wheelchair by not being too large or cumbersome.--yet provides plenty of cozy warmth!!! Lap quilts are another popular favorite to create and to receive.

Marilyn is shown in one of the photos with her flannel raggedy wheelchair quilt. Karen Phillips is shown quilting a wheelchair quilt along with Jackie. Karen McBennet and Karen Phillips are shown working together to achieve a 1/4 inch seam on a quilt--bravo!  Wall hangings are also created. Jackie and Diane are shown quilting together. Working in pairs helps the quilting process sometimes.  We hope you will give quilting a try and come on out and join us soon!