During the early months of the year 1888, the people of the community worshipped with the oldest congregation in Western North Carolina, Rehobeth Methodist Church, located in Terrell, North Carolina. Desiring to have a place to worship of their own, the Presbyterians asked the Presbytery to organize them into a Presbyterian Church.

The land to build Sherrill's Ford Presbyterian Church was purchased in March, 1889. Completion of the church did not run smoothly due to lack of funds; however, with the help from several other churches in the Presbytery, the new place of worship was dedicated free of debt on November 9, 1890. At that time, there were seven members with two more soon following. By 1926, membership grew to 48 members.

Repair work was done to the sanctuary in 1944. The old plaster was torn down, the ceiling was replaced, old pews were varnished, and the floors were sanded and refinished. Membership had now grown to 76.

In 1950, additions were completed for six rooms of Sunday School classes across the back of the old sanctuary, a front entrance to the church, a steeple and all was brick veneered. New additions included pulpit furniture and pews. The most beautiful new addition to the church was the stained glass windows, which have familiar symbols representing great truths from the Bible. The church membership now totaled 82.

More improvements were made in 1965. The choir loft was raised to the level of the Pulpit floor and the sanctuary was carpeted. Membership now had grown to 85

The first women in history of the church were ordinated and installed as Elders and Deacons in January 1971.

Over the years, Sherrill's Ford Presbyterian Church was grouped with other churches. This relationship continued until December 1971. After this, the church became a one church field with a full-time pastor. Land was given to build a manse for the minister and his family. By March 1973, the new minister and his family had moved into the new manse.

In 1974, the nursery was remodeled by the women of the church and was ready for use at the beginning of 1975. Church membership now totaled 111.

A fellowship hall was built and ready for use in 1981. Modernization continued for the church with the addition of air-conditioning in September 1983. The church was spiritually and physically prospering.

The year 1990 was a very special year for the church. This was its Centennial Celebration. We celebrated our 100th anniversary by inviting former pastors back to preach and enjoyed many covered dish lunches. A special directory was published that year with pictures of the members and a complete history of the church. It was a very happy occasion for everyone.

After many years of praying and planning, another joyful occasion took place on May 25, 2003. After the worship service, a ground-breaking ceremony was held outside for the new education facility and renovations of the sanctuary. This was the answer to many prayers and a new beginning for Sherrill's Ford Presbyterian Church